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EDEN (24) Built in 1814, Chester.
Broken up in 1833.

  • She was submerged in the Hamoaze for four months from November 1816 to test the effect of sea water on dry rot.
  • 1816 Capt. Francis Erskine LOCH, 03/1818, East Indies.
    EDEN and CURLEW, Capt. WALPOLE, accompanied Capt. COLLIER in LIVERPOOL in an expedition with 3,000 troops and transports to destroy the headquarters of the pirates of the Persian Gulf at Ras-al-Khyma.
    The first division of troops landed at 4 o'clock in the morning of 4 December covered by the gunboats and an armed pinnace.
    Capt. Loch acted as beach-master and the rest of the army landed during the day.
    Parties of seamen went ashore and assisted in setting up the batteries some 300 yards from the walls of Ras-al-Khyma which was situated on a sandy peninsular.
    LIVERPOOL and EDEN, in conjunction with the batteries, opened fire on the morning of the 5th. and continued until the 6th.
    The soldiers in the batteries were relieved every four hours but the sailors frequently remained on duty for 24 hours without rest.
    It was found that the enemy were returning the 12 and 18 pound balls fired at them so 24 pounders were landed and dragged through deep sand to the batteries.
    The town was stormed and taken the next day.
    The fortifications were destroyed.
    On the 3 January they quitted the coast and visited the small harbours in the vicinity to destroy pirate vessels and small craft.
    EDEN returned to England 11 August 1821.
  • 1822 Deptford.
  • 1822 Capt. John LAWRENCE, 08/1822, West Indies.
  • 1827 Capt. William Fitzwilliam OWEN, 02/1827, Fernando Po.
    He was sent to Fernando Po to establish a new colony and remove the Mixed Commission Court for the Suppression of the Slave Trade from Sierra Leone.
    After spending some time on the coast of South America EDEN returned to England at the end of 1831 and was paid off.
  • 1832 Portsmouth.

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