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ECLIPSE (18) Built in 1807, Dover (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1817.

  • 1808 G. A. CREYKE, coast of Portugal.
    He was stationed off the bar of Oporto in June 1808 and reported that between the 10th. and the 20th. Oporto had undergone two revolutions having been in the hands of both the French and the Prince Regent.
    The French and their supporters were driven out by a popular rising led by the bishop of Oporto when D'Oliveira, the governor, under orders from Marshal Junot, attempted to use the French flag when the Portuguese regiments marched with colours flying in the Corpus Christi procession.
    Capt. CREYKE had to beg for the life of the French Intendant of Police and had difficulty taking him to the boat through a populace intent on tearing him to pieces.
    On the 21 June a party from ECLIPSE mounted the guns on a large Brazilian ship which was intended as a floating battery to defend the bridge if the French returned.
    Capt. CREYKE had arranged to supply them with powder if required.
  • 1810 George HENDERSON. She took part in the capture of the Isle de France.
    HENDERSON returned home acting in the NEREIDE frigate.
  • 1814 Henry LYNNE, West Indies.
  • 1815 Woolwich.

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