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ECLAIR (18) Built in 1807, Brightlingsea (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1831.

  • 1808 Lieut. EVELYN.
  • 1811 On 31 January 1811 John Duff MARKLAND removed to ECAIR from BUSTARD for only five days before receiving an order to act as captain of VILLE DE PARIS.
  • 1811 A. ADDERLEY, 07/1811.
    C. K. QUASH, Mediterranean.
  • 1812 John BELLAMY, Gulf of Venice.
    At the beginning of October 1813 Capt. DUNCAN of IMPERIEUSE who, with RESISTANCE, SWALLOW, ECLAIR and PYLADES, had been watching a convoy at Anzio for some days, was joined by EDINBURGH on the 5th.
    The place was defended by two batteries on a mole, a tower to the northward and another battery to the southward covering the mole.
    IMPERIEUSE and RESISTANCE were stationed off the mole, SWALLOW off the tower and ECLAIR and PYLADES, supported by EDINBURGH, to the batteries to the southward.
    After the ships opened fire on a signal a storming party under Lieut. TRAVERS of IMPERIEUSE landed under the southern battery which they carried immediately.
    Lieut. MAPLETON took possession of the mole head and the convoy of 29 vessels were brought out without loss.
    twenty of them were laden with timber for the arsenal at Toulon.
    All the defensive works were blown up and totally destroyed.
  • 1814 Ditto, Portsmouth.
  • 1815 Convoy to the West Indies.
  • 1816-22 Deptford.
  • 1823 William JOHNSTONE, 02/1823, South America.
  • 1824 Thomas BOURCHIER, 10/1823, S. America.
    During 1824 ECLAIR provided protection for British subjects and property along the north coast of Brazil.
  • 1827 Plymouth.

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