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ECLAIR (10) Schooner Taken from the French by GARLAND at Guadaloupe in 1801.
Renamed PICKLE in May 1809.

  • In March 1801 ECLAIR took part in the attack on the islands of St. Martin and St. Bartholomew led by Rear-Ad. DUCKWORTH and Lieut. General Thos.
    The landing at Grand Saline Bay, St. Bartholomew on the 20th. was covered by ANDROMEDA, UNITE and the DRAKE brig.
    When they weighed on the morning of the 20th. ten sail were seen from the masthead and DRAKE and ECLAIR were ordered to reconnoitre.
    They proved to be troopships from England which had landed their sick, and the women and children, at Barbados before following on.
    With this accumulation of force they proceeded to attack St. Martin's on the 24th.
  • 1804 Lieut. CARR, West Indies.
    ECLAIR, returning from escorting a packet, was some 200 miles north of Tortola on 5 February 1804 when she chased and challenged a strange vessel which later proved to be the French privateer GRANDE DECIDE (22).
    out of Guadeloupe.
    The two ships exchanged broadsides and musket-fire for three quarters of an hour but when Capt. CARR made preparations to board, the Frenchman ceased firing and made all sail to the northward.
    ECLAIR attempted to give chase but much of her rigging had been shot away. She lost one marine killed and four seamen wounded.
  • On 5 March ECLAIR sighted a schooner standing in to La Hayes, Guadeloupe, to take shelter under the battery there.
    The master, Mr SALMON, and the surgeon volunteered to go in with 10 men and bring her out.
    They were under fire from the privateer and the shore as soon as they entered the harbour but boarded and carried her in ten minutes, killing five and wounding ten of the 49 crew without loss to themselves.
    They towed and swept out the prize under heavy fire from the shore. She proved to be the ROSE, armed with one long brass 9 pounder.
  • 1805 Lieut. EVELYN, Leeward Is.
    On 5 April he retook the English ship HEROINE from London.

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