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EARL ST VINCENT (16) Hired cutter No details.
  • 1800 Lieut. John LECKLE, (also LEEKEY or LACKEY) Falmouth. She was employed in cruising in search of privateers and escorting convoys to and from the Downs.
    Arrived at Portsmouth on 12 July and sailed for a cruise off Cherbourg. She returned on 20 August with a prize, the Danish galliot FRIENDSHIP, laden with merchandise and bound for Lisbon from Amsterdam.
    The cutter sailed again on 14 September to join the HARPY which had sailed a few days earlier. She took a convoy to the westward at the beginning of October and, on the 20th., brought in the OCEAN transport with troops for Jersey.
    In company with the EARL SPENCER she sailed for a cruise off the French coast on 28 October and returned on 11 September.
    Her last cruise from Portsmouth lasted from 15 November to 11 December and after taking a convoy to the Downs on 21 December she sailed for Plymouth.
  • 1801 Lieut. BOYCE, (BOYS) Plymouth.
    Sailed on 20 January for Jamaica with the King's proclamation for stopping all Russian, Danish and Swedish vessels.
    He returned to Portsmouth on 2 July.
    When he returned to Plymouth on 8 July 1801 he brought in the CHERI, a valuable French brig, bound for Bordeaux from Cayenne with a cargo of cocoa, coffee and dye-wood.
    On 21 July Lieut. BOYCE received orders to fit for foreign service and the following day he went into the Sound and sailed with a convoy to the eastward.
    He entered Plymouth again on 26 August with two rich Spanish prizes he had captured off Cape Ortegal.
    On 2 November at the height of a gale, the EARL ST VINCENT, which was moored to the south of St Nicholas' Island (now Drake's Island), parted both anchors and scudded through the sound under bare poles to the entrance of the Cattewater.
    By skilful steering she ran through two lines of trawlers, missed both pier-heads and finished up on the mud in Sutton Pool, quite safe.
  • 1804 Lieut. William SHEPHEARD.
    He removed from the BASILISK.
    EARL ST VINCENT went out of Portsmouth Harbour on 8 May to take an American convoy to the westward. She spent more than two years cruising on the coast of Scotland, around the Orkney and Shetland islands, and in the Baltic.
    Lieut. SHEPHEARD was passed over in the general promotion following Trafalgar but on 15 August 1806 he was promoted to the command of DEMERARA.

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