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EARL ST VINCENT Explosion Vessel No details.
  • 1804.
    Under the command of Valentine COLLARD of RAILLEUR she was employed in an attack on French shipping off Boulogne during the night of 3 October 1804.
    Assisted by Lieut. Samuel KNIGHT and boatswain GARWOOD and towed by midshipmen SMITH and WALLIS of ADAMANT, EARL ST. VINCENT left at 2 AM
    with a torpedo (a cylinder filled with gunpowder and using a clockwork timing mechanism which was started by the removal of a pin.
    Also called a 'cask', 'carcass' or a 'catamaran') in tow.
    He placed the torpedo and the explosion vessel close to the enemy vessels north of Boulogne so that the ebb tide would take them down, then the two midshipmen took off the people.
    After the appointed time they had the satisfaction of seeing a double explosion in the midst of the enemy vessels.

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