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DUQUESNE (74) Taken from the French by BELLEROPHON and VANGUARD off San Domingo on 25 July 1803.
Broken up in 1805.

  • The DUQUESNE, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore Kerrangel, had tried to break the blockade of Cape Francois in San Domingo by slipping out in a heavy squall.
    When the weather moderated she was discovered and pursued by the squadron.
    After a chase of 20 hours she was overtaken by Capt. James WALKER in VANGUARD and, following a running fight of an hour and a half, compelled to surrender.
    VANGUARD then escorted her, and a schooner which had been captured by the squadron to Jamaica.
    Following the surrender of the French and their evacuation in British ships to protect them from the vengeance of the black General Dessalines, Capt. WALKER was appointed to DUQUESNE for the passage to England.
    It was an anxious voyage because he had only 160 men to work the ship and guard almost the same number of French officers and soldiers on board.
    DUQUESNE was in want of extensive repair and was paid off shortly after her arrival.

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