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DRIVER (18) Built in 1797, Bermuda.
Broken up in 1834.

  • 1799 J. DUNBAR, Sheerness North Sea.
  • 1803 F. W. FANE.
  • 1805 Bahamas.
  • 1806 Robert SIMPSON, Halifax.
  • 1807 William LOVE, acting commander of the frigate CLEOPATRA, exchanged ships after SIMPSON's promotion to post captain was confirmed on 13/02/1807.
    As a result of LOVE's activities, when he cruised the coast of South Carolina in search of privateers, President Jefferson issued a proclamation on 3 May 1806 banning DRIVERT from entering any United states port.
    LOVE, then lying in Charleston, replied that any insult to the British flag would be resisted.
  • The capture of the Spanish packet RANGER on 20 April yielded the information that the Charleston schooner EL BOLADORA had been fitted out at St. Augustine by the Scottish born Robert Ross.
    The privateer sailed from Norfolk on 6 June and captured the British brig CERES bound for Liverpool with logwood.
    Six days later DRIVER captured her about 8 miles off Cape Henry lighthouse.
  • ROSS had been responsible for the massacre of the crew of the British vessel off Charleston but, because he claimed to be an American, and at his trial his place of birth could not be proved, he escaped punishment.
  • In October 1806 DRIVER and the schooner MULLET left Halifax with a convoy of 13 merchantmen bound for the West Indies.
    They were hit by a gale which knocked DRIVER on her beam ends and swept the deck clear of boats.
    Lieuts. STANLY and SANDFORD cut away her top-masts and the bower anchor was lowered to bring her head to wind. She survived the storm but MULLET was lost with all hands.
  • 1808 Charles CLARIDGE, 04/1807, Halifax.
    On 10 February 1807 HORATIO (38) was in close action with the large French frigate JUNON off the Virgin Is.
    The LATONA frigate came to her aid and the British suffered losses of 7 men killed and 32 wounded before the French surrendered.
    DRIVER came on the scene during the action but Capt. CLARIDGE did not offer any assistance.
    He was removed from his command for misconduct in the face of the enemy.
  • 1811 T. S. DYE, Spithead.
  • 1812 Sheerness.
  • 1817 Charles H. REID, 12/1817, Leith.
    re-commissioned 09/1818.
  • 1821 Thomas WOLRIGE, 10/1821, Portsmouth.
  • 1822 Charles BOWEN, 07/1822, Coast of Africa.
  • 1825 Convict ship at Woolwich.

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