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DOTTEREL (18) Built in 1802, Bursledon (Cruizer class).
Hulk in 1827.

  • Anthony ABDY, 11/1808.
    At the beginning of March 1809 DOTTEREL joined the 23 ships ranging from frigates to armed cutters under Admiral Lord GAMBIER which carried out an attack on the French fleet in the Basque Roads.
    During the night of 11 April she was stationed with EMERALD, BEAGLE, CONFLICT and GROWLER at the eastern end of the Isle D'Aix to create a diversion while fire ships and explosion vessels were launched towards the French.
    Cdr. ABDY removed to act in TONNANT off Ferrol in June 1809.
  • 1811 W. W.DANIEL, 10/1810, Portsmouth.
  • 1812 Ditto, Spithead.
  • 1814-15 John NATCHBULL, Jamaica.
    DOTTEREL, MAJESTIC and MORGIANA captured the American schooner DOMINICA of 4 guns and 36 men, laden with rice, tobacco, wine and naval stores, on 22 May 1814.
  • During 1815 a court martial tried James NEWMAN of DOTERELL for deserting from a dockyard party then, after he had been taken by the press, getting out of his irons and escaping from VICTORIOUS in a boat.
    He got no further than the mud on the shore where he was recaptured by the boats of the ship.
    The court sentenced him to 200 lashes and to lose all his pension time.
  • 1816 Chatham.
  • 1818 John GORE, 02/1818, St. Helena.
  • 1820 Ditto, Cork.
  • 1822 Wm.
    HENDRY, 07/1821, Halifax.
  • 1823 Richard HOARE, 07/1822, Halifax.
  • 1825 Henry EDWARDS, 08/1825, Woolwich.
  • 1826 Lieut. William Alexander HAMILTON sailed for Bermuda in BLONDE with dispatches for Rear Ad. LAKE and, on his arrival, was ordered to take command of DOTERELL at Halifax.
    The appointment was confirmed by the Admiralty in November but, having encountered much bad weather in her passage across the Gulf Stream, DOTERELL was found to be so defective on arrival at Bermuda that she was dismantled and laid up there.
    Cdr. Hamilton, his officers and part of the crew returned home in the QUEENSBERRY packet on 7 May 1827.

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