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DOMINICA (14) Schooner The French schooner LE DUC DE WAGRAM taken in 1809.
Lost in 1815.

  • 1812 Robert HOCKINGS, West Indies.
    He reported from St. Thomas's that on the 11 September he had captured the American privateer PROVIDENCE after a chase of ten hours. She was pierced for 12 guns but had thrown all but four overboard in her efforts to escape.
    Thirty days out of Providence she had taken no prizes.
  • 1813 Lieut. George Wilmot BARRETE.
    On 5 August 1813 DOMINICA had the packet QUEEN CHARLOTTE under convoy off Charleston when she was attacked by the American privateer brig DECATEUR.
    At the third attempt the Americans boarded and left only 15 of DOMINICA's crew not killed or wounded, BARRETE losing his life in the action. She was carried into Charleston on the 20th.
    James NICHOLLS, acting lieutenant, and the other survivors were acquitted of blame for the loss at the subsequent court martial.
  • She was recaptured 22 May 1814.
  • 1815 Lieut. Richard CRAWFORD.
    On 15 August 1815 she was wrecked off Bermuda.

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