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DOMINICA Schooner Purchased in 1805.
Broken up in 1808.

  • 1805 Lieut. Robert PETER, Leeward Is.
    On 11 August she captured the rowing boat HAZARD having 14 men armed with muskets.
    Three days out of Pointe a Petre, Guadeloupe they had taken no prizes.
  • On 25 August, while under the lee of Roseau, Dominica, she took another rowboat, RAVANCHE, this time armed with a 12-pounder carronade and several swivels.
    Eight weeks out of Guadeloupe she had taken three small vessels.
    Fifteen miles off the Saintes on 2 September another rowboat, PRUDENTE, mistook DOMINICA for a merchant vessel.
    Before she could make good her escape she was chased and taken by midshipman JACKSON and 8 men in the boat.
    James MORGAN was the only man hurt.
  • About 20 May 1806 she was seized by mutineers and taken into Guadeloupe where the French renamed her NAPOLEON, fitted her out as a privateer with a crew of 75 under Vincent Gautier and sent her out on the 23rd.
    with a schooner, L'IMPERIAL, to attack the merchant shipping in Roseau Bay.
    On 24 May, following a signal from CYGNET, she was recaptured after a chase of some hours by WASP, which was then standing in for the Bay.
    The packet, DUKE OF MONTROSE, took on board a party of the 46th. regiment and captured the schooner.
  • 1806 Lieut W. DEANS, Leeward Is.
    On 18 August he captured a French rowboat privateer between Dominica and Marie Galante. She was the BATEUSE, armed with musketry and with a complement of 19 men.
    Ten of these were sent into Martinique by a small schooner which he had captured off St. Lucia.
    On 27 November he captured, to the windward of Marie Galante, a lugger-rigged French privateer rowboat BASILISK with one brass 3-pounder and 16 men. She was returning to Point-a-Petre from a three month cruise and had made three captures.

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