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DOLPHIN (44) 5th rate Built in 1781, Chatham DY.
Broken up in 1817.

  • 1781. First commissioned by Capt. BLAIR.
  • In 1781 Sir Hyde PARKER hoisted his flag in FORTITUDE, as commander of a squadron, including DOLPHIN, to escort 700 sail of merchantmen from Leith to the Baltic. As he was returning from that service with the home bound convoy, Sir Hyde, with seven line-of-battle ships, and six frigates, fell in with the Dutch Admiral Zoutman, with the same number of ships and also escorting a convoy, off the Dogger Bank.
  • Ad. PARKER placed the convoy in charge of Capt. SUTTON in TARTAR with orders to get it home as best as possible. The British squadron then formdeced line and bore down on the Dutch, who had placed their convoy and frigates to the leeward of the squadron. They closed to within a pistol shot without firing until, after an incessant exchange of broadsides for three hours and forty minutes, Vice Ad. PARKER hauled down the signal for battle and the British ships hove to to repair damage. FORTITUDE lost twenty killed and Lieuts. Joseph HARRINGTON (mortally), John WAGHORN and Martin KINCKLEY, the boatswain, the pilot and 67 men were wounded. DOLPHIN had 12 killed including Lieut. DALBY and 33 wounded including her Boatswain. The total for the squadron was 109 killed and 362 wounded, many mortally. The Dutch losses were heavier. The HOLLANDIA sank in the night and her flag was rescued by BELLE POULE and presented to Ad. PARKER.
    On the other Dutch ships 142 were killed and 403 wounded. In spite of this the Dutch claimed a victory when they reached Holland.
  • 1783 Capt. R. SUTTON, Jamaica.
  • 1793 Lieut. J. MAY. DOLPHIN evacuated the wounded from Toulon, when the French Republicans stormed the forts held by the British and French Royalists and took them to Gibraltar.
  • 1794 Capt. R. RETALICK, 10/1794.
  • 1797 Cdr. Josiah NISBITT (Nelson's stepson) 12/1797.
    Lieut. Nisbitt had been promoted into the DOLPHIN hospital ship by Sir John Jervis at the urging of Nelson, and, according to a letter from St Vincent 'Acquitted himself marvellously well in getting his ship out and joining us of Cadiz when we arrived, in conducting a convoy of transports with troops from Gibraltar to Lisbon, and pushing out to protect the stragglers of a convoy in very bad weather.'
  • 1799 Capt. T. BAYLEY, 01/1799. Capt. P. BEAVER, 08/1799, Hospital ship at Woolwich. Converted to a troopship in April 1800 - out of commission at Deptford.
  • 1805 Capt. Isaac FERRIERES, to the West Indies on 21 August. In 1807 depot ship for Royal Marines at Woolwich. From 1811 A. BLACK, master, armed en flute, to the Cape of Good Hope and the East Indies.
  • 1812 Deptford.
  • 1814 Bermuda.
  • 1815 Spithead.
  • Broken up in July 1817.

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