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DOLPHIN (3) Brigantine Built in 1835, Sheerness.
Customs in 1861.

  • Lieut. Thomas Lorey ROBERTS, 28/07/1836, Coast of Africa.
    He took the slavers INCOMPEHEHENSIVE on 23 December 1836 and, with help from SCOUT's boats, DOLORES on 19 April 1837.
    Payment of prize money for the latter was not made until December 1850.
    Lieut. John MACDOUGALL, 12/09/1837, Coast of Africa.
  • 1838 Lieut. Edward HOLLAND, 02/8/1838, Chatham for the coast of Africa.
  • 1839 R. H. DUNDAS, coast of Africa.
    On 13 August 1839 DOLPHIN, some 20 miles off the African cost near Quipo, encountered a vessel sailing under the American flag,.
    When she was brought to and boarded she proved to be the CATHERINE and fitted out for slaving although no slaves were found on board, only a cargo of tobacco and spirits.
    Instructions on how to deceive a man-of-war were found among the papers on board. She had been fitted out at Havana and her papers had been supplied by the American vice-consul there.
  • 1840 Lieut. Edward LITTLEHALES, 03/1840, Coast of Africa.
    On 5 January 1841 she took the slaver CAROLINA.
    At daylight on 30 May DOLPHIN gave chase to a brigantine off Whydah.
    When LITTLEHALES found that he was not gaining on the stranger he sent off the 20ft cutter with nine men and the gig with six under the command of the mate, Augustus Charles MURRAY and the 2nd master, John REES.
    After a pull of two hours under a hot sun they came up with the brigantine which immediately opened up with a continuous musket fire.
    Braving this they boarded on each quarter.
    Mr MURRAY, the first aboard, was knocked back by a musket butt which broke his collar bone but clambered up again and nearly lost his left hand at the wrist from a cutlass blow.
    The bowman of the cutter was killed as he mounted the side and the bowman of the gig was shot at his oar.
    It took 20 minutes to quell all resistance. She turned out to be the Brazilian slaver FIRME.
  • During June the schooner DORES (60x15ft) which had been taken at Quitah was sent in charge of DOLPHIN's gunner to Sierra Leone.
    Six weeks later she was found only 30 miles away with the gunner and most of the prize crew dead from fever.
    Mr MURRAY, who had just recovered from his wounds, took command with a crew of two men and two boys.
    The voyage to Sierra Leone was to take 146 days.
    One seaman was taken by a shark and MURRAY severely injuring and tearing his leg.
    When they arrived on 6 January 1841, having been given up for lost, MURRAY found his promotion awaiting him for the capture of FIRME.
  • 1843 Lieut. William HOARE, 05/1843, Brazils.
    On 18 November 1843 she took the slaver ANNA and on 7 May 1844 the BELLA ANGELLA.
  • 1845 Lieut. Reginald Thomas LEVINGE, 02/1845, east coast of South America.
    In August 1845 she was involved with GORGON, FIREBRAND, PHILOMEL and COMUS in operations in the Uruguay River to rescue foreign nationals during the invasion of Uruguay by the Argentinean dictator DE ROSAS.
    In November she joined the Anglo-French squadron which forced a passage through a boom across the Parana River at Obligado.
    (see PHILOMEL) At one time during the attack DOLPHIN found herself the target of all the enemy guns until the French SAN MARTIN came up to relieve her.
    Although all her boats were destroyed a party under Mate Frederick Falkiner Nicholson joined those from FIREBRAND to make a gap in the boom.
    DOLPHIN lost five men killed including Clerk George ANDREWS, 06/1843, and 24 wounded including Second Master Richard Henry WARREN, Ass.
    Surgeon John GALLAGHER, 07/1843, and Ass.
    Clerk T. ELLSTOB.
  • While the rest of the squadron pressed on up the river as far as Asuncion, more than 700 miles from Buenos Aires, DOLPHIN and the schooner FANNY returned to Montevideo to collect some merchantman which they and FIREBRAND safely escorted past the guns and troops with which the Argentines were hoping to close the river above Rosario.
  • LEVINGE was promoted to Commander for his part in all these operations.
  • 1848 Lieut. Hon. Robert BOYLE, 09/1847, Coast of Africa.
    Captured the slavers SEGUNDO ANDORINHA on 23 April, CURIOSO on 24 June and BRAZILIEUSE on 12 October 1848.
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