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DISPATCH (18) Built in 1812, Upnor (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1836.

  • 1812 James GALLOWAY, 12/1812, coast of Spain.
    When the Duke of Wellington asked for a demonstration on the back of the rock of San Sebastian on 1 September 1813, two divisions of ship's boats were placed under the command of Capt. GALLOWAY and Capt. BLOYE of LYRA.
    Their objective was to divert the attention of the enemy from the defence of the breach.
  • When the sloops weighed in a slight breeze DISPATCH was unable to make enough speed but gunboats Nos.14 and 16 were able to distract the enemy.
    The assault on the breach was made about 11 o'clock and and the town was entered and possessed by half past one.
    The rock was not to fall for another eight days.
  • 1814 Ditto, cruising in the Channel, then to America America.
    On 9 August Capt. HARDY of RAMILLIES with PACTOLUS, DISPATCH and TERROR made an attack on Stonington which had been harbouring the torpedoes used against his Majesty's ships off New London.
    DISPATCH anchored within pistol-shot of the battery but PACTOLUS could not approach near enough to support her so the brig was recalled, having had two men killed and twelve wounded.
    On the 11th. TERROR threw in some shells and carcasses and RAMILLIES and PACTOLUS, anchoring as close as they could, fired several broadsides into the town.
    DISPATCH captured the American schooner NANCY and on 10 October she destroyed the American cutter EAGLE (2), of 75bm.
  • In January 1815 MAJESTIC (a razee), ENDYMION, POMONE, TENEDOS and DISPATCH were stationed off Sandy Hook to prevent the escape of PRESIDENT and other American vessels at Staten Island.
    PRESIDENT was captured by ENDYMION when she came out on the 17th.
  • 1816-20 Chatham.
  • 1822 Wm.
    GERVOISE, 01/1821, Mediterranean.
  • 1824 Capt. Edward SCOTT, 07/1823, Mediterranean.
  • 1825 Rt.
    PARSONS, 07/1825, Chatham.
  • 1826 Ditto, Particular service.
  • 1827 Ditto, Cork.
  • 1828 William BOWYER, 09/1828, Plymouth.
  • 1830 Ed.
    FRANKLAND, 02/1830, Cork.
  • 1834 G. DANIELL, 06/1832, NAWI
    DISPATCH, to the windward of Barbados, captured a Spanish schooner of only 75bm but having on board 292 slaves of both sexes, mostly under 12 years of age.
  • 1836 Sheerness.

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