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DEMERARA (6) Schooner Purchased in 1804.
Taken in 1804.

  • 1804 Lieut. Thomas Dutton.
    On 14 July 1804 she was taken by the French privateer GRAND DECIDE (22), in the West Indies after an action lasting 30 minutes.
  • In February 1806, as a French privateer mounting 14 guns, she attacked the ship SHIPLEY of Liverpool, Capt. Wilson, which was on passage to the West Indies.
    When the French first attempted to board they were repulsed with the loss of several men so, by means of sweeps, they dropped under SHIPLEY's larboard quarter and commenced a heavy fire with guns and muskets.
    The ship was unable to bring any of her guns to bear and was forced to engage the privateer with small arms for an hour and a quarter until four of her men were killed.
    Capt. Wilson was shot through the shoulder and Mr Holden, the first mate, had his thigh broken and they were forced to strike after a most gallant defence.
    SHIPLEY, after being plundered and her cargo taken on board the privateer, was recaptured by GALATEA.

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