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DEDAIGNEUSE (36) Taken by OISEAU, SIRIUS and AMETHYST off Portugal on 28 January 1801. Described as a fine frigate, only two years old, Oiseau brought her in to Plymouth on 7 February.
Sold in 1823.

  • 1803 Capt. Peter HEYWOOD, East Indies.
  • (Capt. HEYWOOD was a young midshipman in the BOUNTY at the time of the mutiny.
    He was left at Tahiti and brought back to England in chains, the only one of the group to survive the wreck of the PANDORA.
    He was sentenced to death for mutiny before he could prove his innocence.
    See AMBOYNA.)

  • Because of poor health and the death of his elder brother, Capt. HEYWOOD requested permission to reign his command on 24 January 1805.
    He returned home in the CIRENCESTER, East Indiaman.
  • 1805 Capt. Charles James JOHNSON, East Indies.
  • 1805 Capt. William Beauchamp PROCTOR, East Indies.
    He assumed command of DEDAIGNEUSE in July 1805 but, because of ministerial changes at home, he was not confirmed as a post captain until 5 September 1806.
  • At sunset on 21 November 1808 DEDAIGNEUSE, then off Mauritius, sighted from the masthead the French frigate SEMILLANTE returning from a cruise in the Indian Ocean.
    By midnight the two frigates were about half a mile apart on opposite tacks and exchanged fire.
    In the light winds DEDAIGNEUSE had to lower a quarter boat to tow her round to get on the same tack as the enemy but by this time SEMILLANTE had increased her distance and they were unable to catch up before she entered harbour with her prizes.
  • When the commander-in-chief criticised his conduct Capt. PROCTOR applied for a court martial.
    This was held on board CULLODEN in Bombay harbour on 27 March 1809 and all his officers testified on his behalf.
    It was shown that the escape of the enemy was entirely due to the bad sailing of DEDAGNEUSE and Capt. PROCTOR was honourably acquitted.
  • 1810 Capt. John BASTARD, East Indies.
  • 1811 Deptford 1812 Receiving ship at Deptford.

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