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DAUNTLESS (18) Praam Built in 1804, Hull.
Taken in 1807.

  • 1805 Charles JONES, North Sea.
  • 1807 (carries 22 guns) Christopher STRACHEY, Downs.
    The three praams, DAUNTLESS, VALOROUS and COMBATANT were sent to assist in the defence of Danzig (Gdansk) and when they arrived there about 13 May they were desired by Capt. CHETHAM of SALLY to follow his orders.
    On the 17th. an attempt was made to supply Danzig with ammunition and DAUNTLESS was ordered to the mouth of the Vistula to force a bridge which had been constructed by the enemy and take 600 barrels of gunpowder to the besieged garrison.
    Owing to either the ignorance or obstinacy of her pilot she grounded on the Holmen within a half-musket shot of the enemy batteries. She was forced to strike her colours before SALLY could come to her assistance.

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