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DASHER (18) Built in 1797, Bermuda.
Hulk in 1832.
Broken up in 1838.

  • 1797 J. SEATER, 10/1797.
  • 1799 George TOBIN, 08/1798, Bermuda.
    After 12 months on the coast of America TOBIN brought a convoy back to England then, under Sir.
    Thomas PASLEY at Plymouth, was employed against French convoys in Biscay.
    At the end of December 1799 he detained the Swedish ship COMMERCE, Capt. Bergman, laden with brandy, and sent her back to Plymouth.
  • On 30 May 1800 she left Plymouth on a cruise but returned the same evening and landed two seamen, mutineers from the DANAE (24) which she had taken out of a cartel off the Sound.
    They were sent on board the CAMBRIDGE.
    DASHER brought in to Plymouth on 4 October the ROSE, a French schooner from Bordeaux bound for Guadeloupe with wines and brandies, which had been taken by CLYDE (44). She sailed again on the 15th.
    cruising until 6 December.
    At the beginning of 1801 she was cruising between 10 January to 23 February.
  • On 3 April 1801 she recaptured the Newfoundland brig WILLIAM, Mr Wadland, master, which had been taken the previous day by the French privateer RENARD, of 10 guns and 60 men commanded by Citizen Niquet, off the Manacles and taken within the Isle Bas. She was brought out, under heavy fire from a battery, by DASHER's boat under Lieut. OLIVER and arrived in Plymouth on the 7th.
  • In June 1801 while DASHER was chasing some French vessels south of St. Nazaire she took the ground near Pont D'Yeu.
    Her boats were sent on after the French convoy forcing the enemy to set fire to two brigs to avoid capture.
    Lieut. BEDFORD lost a leg when one of the boats was sunk by a shot from a stern chaser.
    Capt. TOBIN sent a chasse-maree, the TEMERAIRE, laden with wines into Plymouth on 19 June.
  • DASHER later cruised in the Channel and, in consequence of the Peace of Amiens, she was paid off at Plymouth on 10 October 1801 and her crew turned over to the CAMBRIDGE flag-ship in the Hamoaze.
  • 1803 John DELAFONS, 10/1802, from CHILDERS.
    By 18 December 1802 DASHER was fully manned with volunteers and was in the Hamoaze ready for sea.
    In February she accompanied the storeship ABUNDANCE to Malta and returned from there to Plymouth on 28 March where she was put under quarantine.
    Later cruising in Channel.
  • 1804 East Indies.
    Capt. DELAFONS died at Prince of Wales Island, Torres Strait, on 17 September 1805.
  • 1805 W. A. MONTAGUE, East Indies.
  • 1811 R. W. FESTING, 14/08/1808 until 01/4/1811, East Indies.
  • 1812 At the end of 1812 she was taken into dock at Deptford.
  • 1813-15 William HENDERSON, 07/6/1813, West Indies.
    In October 1813 DASHER convoyed trade to the Leeward Is., Surinam and Demerara and took part in the reduction of Guadeloupe in August 1815.
    Capt. HENDERSON, unusually, did not lose one man from the effects of the climate in two and a half years.
    Paid off 16 May 1816.
  • 1817 Portsmouth.
  • 1818 Deptford.

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