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DAPHNE (22) Built in 1806, Topsham.
Sold in 1816.

  • 1806 Capt. Francis MASON, who was appointed at the request of the Prince of Wales. She sailed for Buenos Aires on 7 October.
    with the naval and military reinforcements under Capt. DONNELLY.
    Her first lieutenant, Mr William ELLIOT, commanded a party of her seamen at the storming of Monte Video on 3 February 1807.
    DAPHNE had one man, Timothy CONNER, a landman, slightly wounded. She continued in the River Plate until the final evacuation and returned to Portsmouth in January 1808.
  • DAPHNE was next employed on the Baltic station under the orders of Sir James SAUMAREZ.
    On 25 April 1808, off the harbour of Flodstrand, near the Scaw, three boats from DAPHNE and two from TARTARUS, all under the direction of Lieut. ELLIOT, were towed into the shore by the FORWARD gunbrig and attacked Danish shipping there.
    Although they came under heavy fire of round, grape and musketry they brought out five brigs, three galliots and a schooner and a sloop, all save one galliot heavily laden with grain and provisions.
    Lieut. ELLIOT was wounded in the right thigh by a splinter and the master, Mr Hugh STEWART, was wounded in the elbow.
    One seamen from DAPHNE, William JOHNSON, was wounded in the hand, and another Henry TOD, was accidentally wounded in the neck by a shipmate.
  • On 8 August 1808 the Danish national schooner ACUTIF (or ACERTIF), armed with 8 long 3-pounders but pierced for 12 was captured off Hartshalls after a chase of 6 hours. She had sailed from Christiansund three days earlier in company with a small, 4-gun cutter which was driven on shore.
  • Ill health compelled Capt. MASON to give up his command and he was replaced by Capt. ROBERTS.
  • 1808 Capt. Philip PIPON, 09/1808.
    He was principally employed in the Baltic over the next five years.
  • 1813 James GREEN, 03/1813, Baltic.
  • 1815 Ditto, to Lisbon.

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