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DAEDALUS (38) The Venetian CORONA taken off Lissa by Capt. HOSTE's squadron, AMPHION, ACTIVE, CERBERUS and VOLAGE, in March 1811.
Wrecked in 1813.

  • 1812 Out of commission at Deptford.
  • 1813 Capt. Murray MAXWELL, East Indies, escorting a convoy of East Indiamen.
    On 1 July DAEDALUS and her convoy made the Point de Galle, at the southern tip of Ceylon, and were only four day's sail from their destination, Madras.
    The following morning, while she was going fast through the water, the ship touched bottom and grounded on a shoal.
    Signals were immediately made to the convoy which saved them from saving the same fate and after about 20 minutes rolling DAEDALUS came free and floated into deep water.
  • It was assumed that her only damage had been the loss of the false keel but then the bread-room and cockpit were found to be full of water.
    The pumps were manned and most of the guns were run forward to try and lift the leak clear, but this had no effect and the guns and shot were thrown overboard.
    It was found that the lower part of the sternpost had gone and water was pouring in faster than the pumps could cope with so Capt. MAXWELL ordered the people into boats to be taken to the nearest Indiaman.
    The officers went through every part of the ship above water to make sure that no one remained and about 5 minutes after the captain left she fell on her beam ends, righted herself, and then disappeared under water.

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