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CONFLICT (12) Gun-brig Built in 1812, Bridport.
Hulk in 1832.
Sold in 1841.

  • Oct. 1812 to March 1814 Capt. Henry BAKER.
    In 1813 he was serving under Ad. Sir J. B. WARREN off the American coast.
    On 11 July SCEPTRE, ROMULUS, FOX, NEMESIS, CONFLICT, HIGHFLYER and COCKCHAFER, under Rear Ad. COCKBURN, anchored off the Ocracoke Bar with detachments of troops under Lieut. Col. NAPIER under orders to put an end to the commerce of the port of Ocracoke. An advanced division of boats with seamen and marines from SCEPTRE preceded the others to attack enemy shipping, the second division consisted of flat boats carrying the bulk of the 102nd regiment. The third division of armed tenders was led by CONFLICT with the remainder of the troops. An American brig, the ANACONDO, armed with eighteen long 9-pounders, and a schooner, ATLAS (10) proved to be the only armed vessels and they were soon taken. The troops landed without opposition and took possession of Portsmouth and Ocracoke Is.
  • On 10 August Lieut. PUCKINGHORNE of ST. DOMINGO was ordered by Capt. BAKER to take boats up the St. Michael's River. They were spotted by an enemy patrol and then fired on by a battery mounting six 12 and 6-pounders. The lieutenant ordered his men ashore and they drove the Americans back into the town and destroyed the battery. Since there were no vessels to be seen they re-embarked with the loss of only two wounded.
  • 1815 A. M. HAWKINS, Channel.
  • 1816 Out of commission, Sheerness.

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