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CONFIANCE (22) Taken from the French by LOIRE at Mudros on 4 June 1808.
Sold in 22 December 1810.

  • 1808 Capt. Charles Lucas YEO, Brazils.
    In December 1808 Portuguese troops arrived at Approuague in Guiana and on 4 January 1809 it was determined by Capt. YEO and Lieut. Colonel Marques to make a descent on the island of Cayenne.
    500 troops were embarked on small vessels with 80 seamen and marines from CONFIANCE and a party of marines from the VOADOR and INFANTE, brigs.
    On the evening of the 6th., with 250 men in 10 canoes, Capt. YEO endeavoured to to gain possession of two batteries, Fort Diamant commanding the entrance to the river Mahuree and Fort Cane, commanding the great road to the town of Cayenne.
    The Portuguese took Fort Cane and Capt. YEO, with Lieutenants MULCASTER, BLYTH and READ RM, Mr Thomas SAVERY, purser, William TAYLOR, carpenter and George FORDER and David IRWIN, midshipmen, and a party from CONFIANCE, captured Fort Diamant.
    The former had two brass 9-pounders and 40 men, the latter, two 24-pounders, one brass 9, with 50 men.
    John READ was mortally wounded, also one seaman and two marines badly.
  • General Victor Hugues quitted Cayenne with 1,000 troops so Capt. YEO decided to concentrate at Fort Cane to receive them.
    Two other batteries were sighted about a mile up river, one guarding the house and plantation of General Hugues.
    The LION and VIGANZA cutters were anchored abreast of them and after a smart action of about an hour, they were stormed and captured.
    On the morning of the 8th. the private house of General Hugues was then proceeded against.
    Although, under flag of truce, Capt. YEO offered to respect the property if the French troops surrendered, his offer was rejected, so the place was stormed and everything levelled to the ground except for the slave quarters.
    On the 10th. Lieut. MULCASTER and a Portuguese officer were sent into Cayenne with a summons, and on the 14th. the allied troops, seamen and marines took possession of the town.
  • Meanwhile Mr ARSCOTT, acting master, who had been left in charge of CONFIANCE, with only 25 Englishmen and 20 negroes, and two young midshipmen, George YEO and Edward BRYANT, drove away a French frigate, TOPAZE, which had appeared in the offing with reinforcement for the garrison on the 13th.
  • Killed Charles CHRISTOPHER; Mortally wounded: Lieut. John Read RM, William Bateman, private; Dangerously wounded: Lieut. Samuel BLYTH, James THOMPSON, quarter master's mate, Hans MATTERSON able, William NEALE, coxswain, John le Grandeure, Hugh Carrogan, corporal, John Lear, private, David Daniels, private, Richard Davis, private; Badly wounded: Thomas JAMES, landsman, Thomas ROBERTS able, Samuel GARDNER, able; Slightly wounded Nicholas GLOWMAW, able, Thomas BURNE, ordinary, John WELLS, ordinary, Thomas WOLLEY, landsman, John SINNOT, ordinary, George LEADER, able, Jacob Osterlony, private, John Luscombe, private, James Simpson, sergeant.

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