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CONCORDE (36) Taken by MAGNIFICENT near St. Eustratia on 15 February 1783.
Sold in 1811.

  • Capt. Sir Richard STRACHAN, 05/1794.
    On 23 April 1794 CONCORDE was in action with a French squadron near Guernsey during which the frigate ENGAGEANTE was captured.
    The only person killed in CONCORDE was a youth who had run away from Westminster School and entered as a common seaman under a fictitious name.
    Lieut. EVANS who, with Lieut. BOYS, commanded on the main deck was hit by a splinter when a gun discharged as he was looking through a port trying to locate the enemy who was only yards away in the thick smoke.
  • Capt. Anthony HUNT, 08/1794.
    With Sir Edward PELLEW off Brest.
    On 7 March 1795 A French convoy of 25 sail escorted by one small armed ship was attacked off the Penmarks by the squadron.
    Eight were brought out and fifteen destroyed.
    One was found to have a slow match burning with a train to a barrel of powder to kill boarders.
    In June 1795 she accompanied Sir John WARREN to Quiberon Bay and her marines and seamen were landed to destroy Fort Pentievre on 3 July.
  • Her boats took part in an expedition up the Morbihan which destroyed a corvette, a cutter and a lugger near Vannes; several merchantmen were brought out.
  • CONCORDE later escorted a brig to the Ile Dieu with arms and ammunition for the Royalist forces in the Vendee.
    Lieut. EVANS going on shore with 4,000 ball cartridges was attacked by Republican troops from St. Gilles and had to swim out to GREYHOUND's cutter which stood in and opened a heavy fire.
    The Republicans were routed in their turn by Gen. Cherette's Royalists and the whole cargo was landed.
    CONCORDE took part in the occupation of the Ile Dieu and assisted in the capture of the brig EVEILLE on 15 October. She continued to co-operate with the Royalists until November.
  • While she was in Plymouth during January 1796 she assisted in saving the passengers and crew of the East Indiaman DUTTON, which had been driven ashore under the Citadel.
  • On 9 April she assisted in the capture of about 25 merchantmen and the destruction of VOLAGE (26).
    The VIRGINIE (40), was taken by the squadron off the Lizard on 22 April and, after she was repaired, Capt. HUNT was appointed to her.
  • 1796 Capt. Richard BAGOT, 11/1796, North Sea and Channel stations.
    Capt. ROBERTS, 06/1797.
    Capt. Robert BARTON, 02/1799.
    Flag of Vice Ad. Henry HARVEY in West Indies.
    In July she was in Basse-Terre Roads, St. Christopher's with a squadron including LAPWING, UNITE, HAWKE and SOUTHAMPTON.
    In the previous month CONCORDE had captured a French letter of marque of 4 guns and 22 men taking sugar, coffee and cotton from Guadeloupe to St. Thomas.
  • 1800 Capt. BARTON, Channel.
    While off the Bar of Oporto in December 1800 he captured the Spanish privateer lugger SAN JOSEPH of six guns and forty men which had come out of Vigo and taken the brig SPEEDY from the convoy and was about to take another.
  • On 27 January 1801, when CONCORDE was about 75 miles west of Cape Finisterre, towing a large Swedish ship, they saw in the moonlight seven large ships about two miles to windward, steering westward on an opposite tack.
    They made rocket signals which Capt. BARTON repeated, then one of them bore up and gave chase so CONCORDE made the private signal.
    No answer was received and she was soon identified as a large French frigate. She ranged up on CONCORDE's lee side receiving and returning fire as she passed.
    CONCORDE remained on her quarter closely engaging her for about half an hour when the enemy's fire ceased and CONCORDE's broadside brought her boat and other wreckage from the stern down into the water.
    The enemy made off before the wind but, since CONCORDE's braces had been shot away, it was some minutes before she could pursue him.
    Although Capt. BARTON made every effort CONCORDE could not catch up to resume the action so continued her course to England.
    IMMORTALITE, on passage to the Straits, reported that the enemy squadron was commanded by Ad. Gantheaume and that two of them appeared to be disabled with their main and fore yard on the deck.
    CONCORDE's adversary was the BRAVURE.
    CONCORDE returned to Plymouth on the afternoon of 3 February and an express was landed and sent immediately off to London with news of her action.
    CONCORDE's damage was repaired and she went back into the Sound on 8 April 1801.
  • On 16 November 1802, as CONCORDE completed loading stores and provisions for 6 months, sealed orders and dispatches arrived by express from London and were put on board her in Cawsand Bay.
  • 1803 Capt John WOOD, East Indies.
  • 1807 Capt. John CRAMER (later known as Sir Josiah COGHILL), East Indies.
    When Capt. CRAMER arrived at Muscat in July 1807 he found a French privateer lying there, having been fitting out for a cruise for nearly five weeks.
    He represented to the Sultan that it was wrong for him to allow the French to refit for cruising against the English and he promised that if CONCORDE would go out of sight for 24 hours he would send the French out.
    This he did, but Capt. CRAMER sent his boats in under Lieut. RIDEOUT and they came up with the privateer at daylight and she hauled down her colours. She was the VIGILANT, mounting two 18-pounder guns, which had captured one vessel from Surat during her 5 months in the Arabian Gulf.
  • CONCORDE returned to Portsmouth on 17 August.
  • 1808 Deptford.

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