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COLUMBINE (18) Built in 1808, Buckler's Hard (Cruizer class).
Lost in 1824.

  • 1809 James COLLINS.
    He was promoted to post captain on 21/10/10, the fifth anniversary of Trafalgar.
  • 1811 William SHEPHEARD, 11/1810, from the THUNDER bomb.
    Cadiz, under the orders of Rear-Ad. LEGGE.
    The boats of COLUMBINE, under Lieut. George GREEN, captured a French national settee carrying two howitzers and six swivels near St. Lucar on the 4 June 1811.
  • Capt. SHEPHEARD spent three months away in temporary command of ALFRED (74) before returning to COLUMBINE on the Cadiz station.
    During this time Lieut. WESTPHALL was acting commander of COLUMBINE when her boats, under Lieut. GREEN, captured two privateers under the batteries at Chipiona on 30 September.
    In October 1811 she took part in an operation to land 1,000 British troops and a detachment of artillery at Tarifa (the most southerly point in Europe) to provide a diversion in support of the Spanish General Ballesteros who was being pressed by a French force of about 10,000 under General Godinot at San Roque, just north of Gibraltar.
  • STATELY, COLUMBINE and TUSCAN sailed from Cadiz on the 11th. with a number of transports and landed eight companies from each of the 47th. and the 87th. regiments, seventy rank and file from the 95th. and four pieces of light artillery with their officers, guns and horses, on the 18th.
    During this time the wind blew continuously from the eastward and prevented the Spanish part of the expedition from sailing.
  • About 1,500 French troops made their appearance, but retired when TUSCAN, gun boat No.
  • 14 and STATELY's boats anchored near the beach and kept up a bombardment through the night.
    They were pursued by Col. SKERRITT and the British troops.
    The French troops quitted San Roque on the 21st. and took the road towards Jimena with Balasteros' cavalry harrying their rear.
  • Capt. SHEPHEARD returned to England in COMET at the close of 1811 and was promoted to post rank in February 1812.
  • 1812 R. Henry MUDDLE, Cadiz.
  • 1814 Ditto to the West Indies.
    On 3 March 1814 the ship LIVERPOOL, William Hill, master, was attacked off the Surinam River by the American privateer schooner SNAPDRAGON.
    Although the Americans managed to board they were driven back over the side leaving a number of killed and wounded.
    SNAPDRAGON was wrecked when her foremast and main topmast went overboard but LIVERPOOL was unable to to renew the action because her sails were in ribbons.
    Capt. Hall reported the action to Capt. MUDDLE of COLUMBINE who sent him a pendant for his ship to carry as a mark of distinction.
    He also gave him a protection for his crew against impress by any of his Majesty's vessels under his orders.
    SNAPDRAGON, Capt. Murphy, of 112 men, six 4-pounders and one long 12 pounder on a traverse, of South Carolina had been out for four weeks without making a capture.
  • 1815 Ditto, West Indies.
  • 1816-18 Plymouth.

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