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COLPOYS (14) Hired brig Hired brig from 1806 to 1807.
  • 1806 Thomas USHER, Plymouth.
    On 21 March 1806 he chased three Spanish luggers into the port of Avilles and determined to follow them in spite of a 6-gun battery commanding the entrance.
    Unfortunately the wind died as he was about to open fire with his carronades so, to draw the fire from the brig, he took two boats in through a hail of grape and musketry.
  • With six men from the leading boat Capt. USHER boarded and carried the luggers driving the enemy over one side as they entered from the other.
    When the other boat came up they succeeded in bringing the luggers out.
    They were the SANTA BUENA VENTURA (2), and the SAN ANTONIO (2), both laden with flax and steel.
    The third, the SAN REAL, which was in ballast was sent back in with 11 prisoners.
    Although the enemy had been firing on them with 24-pounders, only two men from COLPOYS were hurt, Thomas ASH and John ROBINSON.
  • COLPOYS and ATTACK were cruising close inshore between the Iles de Glenan and the Ile de Groix off the Atlantic coast of Brittany when Capt. USHER saw two chasse-maree at anchor in the river at Doelan, which is about 6 miles S. E. of Port Manec'h.
    The two enemy vessels ran up the river as soon as they were spotted and he had to land 12 men from each brig to dispose of a battery at the entrance before he could get to them.
    The two 12-pounders were soon taken and spiked and the VINCENT GABRIEL and the MURIE FRANCAISE brought out.
    The signal station at Doelan was also destroyed.
  • HAZARD, CONFLICT, GROWLER and COLPOYS formed the blockading squadron off the Pertuis Breton on 27 July 1807 when 16 of the enemy were seen in the entrance making to the eastward.
    Since it was nearly calm the ships had no chance of closing with them so Capt. DILKES of HAZARD made the signal for the boats to chase them.
    Although they were under a heavy fire of musketry from the shore they captured, without loss to themselves, nine chasse-maree, two of them armed.
    The crews took to their boats and escaped ashore.
    A tenth vessel was scuttled and six driven on shore.

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