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COLOSSUS (74) Built in 1803, Deptford.
Broken up in 1826.

  • 1805 Capt. J. N. MORRIS, off Cadiz.
    At Trafalgar COLOSSUS was the sixth ship in COLLINGWOOD's lee column.
    As she endeavoured to close COLOSSUS received the fire of several enemy ships. She ran past the starboard side of the French SWIFTSURE but the thick smoke to leeward prevented her seeing ARGONAUTE on the other side until their yardarms locked.
    After an exchange of fire which lasted about 10 minutes ARGONAUTE's fire was nearly silenced but a shot from one of her aftermost guns still firing struck Capt. MORRIS just above the knee.
    ARGONAUTE made off with a parting broadside into her stern from COLOSSUS which was meanwhile warmly engaged with SWIFTSURE and BAHAMA on her other side.
    SWIFTSURE (F), between the two, received COLOSSUS's broadsides and soon fell astern exposing BAHAMA which struck when her main-mast fell.
    SWIFTSURE (F), struck after COLOSSUS and ORION brought down her mizzen and main masts.
    COLOSSUS lost her own mizzen mast in the action and had to cut away her main mast during the ensuing night.
    Her losses were very heavy, with 40 killed and 160 wounded
  • As AGAMEMNON took COLOSSUS in tow after the battle Capt. MORRIS, who had refused to go below after being wounded, fell faint from loss of blood.
    he was landed in his cot at Gibraltar a few days later.
    He recovered and continued to command COLOSSUS.
  • 1807 off Ushant.
  • 1808 Mediterranean.
    On 13 July a court martial was held on board ROYAL SOVEREIGN off Toulon to try Lieut. Walbeoff, of the marines belonging to COLOSSUS on charges of riotous and ungentlemanly conduct brought against him by the captain.
    After a long trial he was sentenced to be cashiered.
  • 1811 Capt. ALEXANDER, Channel fleet.
    A seaman, John LAKE, was sentenced to death for mutiny on 26 September after a trial aboard SALVADOR DEL MUNDO in the Hamoaze.
  • On 27 December 1811 the boats of COLOSSUS under Lieut. SOADY with those from CONQUESTADOR under Lieut STACKPOLE attacked a French convoy consisting of three gun-brigs, an armed lugger and several pinnaces, passing along the shore in the Basque Roads.
    Unfortunately the wind shifted from N. W. to W. S.W.
    as they were south of the Chatelaillon shoal permitting the convoy to attack the boats.
    They defended themselves gallantly and even attempted to board the lugger but superior numbers and fire from batteries forced them to pull for the shore where 113 men were taken prisoner and they remained in French hands until 1814.
    Only those in the boat with Lieut. SOADY escaped.
    A subscription was raised in COLOSSUS, CONQUESTADOR and ARROW which raise a considerable sum which, with clothes, was sent in under flag of truce to Rochelle for the prisoners.
    The French Commodore Jacobs reported that not more than four or five had been killed.
    On 1 December Lieut. SOADY assisted in the capture and destruction of seven vessels to southward of the Ile d'Aix by the boats of COLOSSUS and CONQUESTADOR and the schooner ARROW.
  • In mid Atlantic on 5 January 1813 COLOSSUS captured the American letter of marque DOLPHIN, bound for Bordeaux from Philadelphia with 56 officers and men and 4 passengers. She was armed with 12 carriage guns.
    On the 19th. the American ship PRINT, 215 tons, from Boston to Bayonne was captured.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Chatham.

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