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COLOSSUS (74) Built in 1787, Gravesend.
Wrecked in 1798.

  • 1793 Capt. Charles Morice POLE.
    With Vice Admiral Lord HOOD's fleet employed at Toulon during the loyalist occupation August to December.
  • 1795 Capt. John MONKTON, with Lord BRIDPORT's fleet in the action off Groix on 23 June.
    COLOSSUS lost 5 killed and 30 wounded, including Lieut. Robert MENDS.
  • 1796 Capt George MURRAY, joining Sir John Jervis in the Mediterranean.
    Commanded the advanced squadron at the blockade of Cadiz when the Spanish Admiral, under flag of truce, invited him to a bull fight, an invitation he declined.
    At the battle of St. Vincent on 14 February 1797 she was ordered to lead the van but carrying away her fore-top-sail-yard she fell away to leeward and was unable to take the honour.
  • In December 1798 COLOSSUS, was escorting the homebound trade from Lisbon.
    On the 5th. part of the fleet detached for Ireland and the northern ports leaving COLOSSUS with eight vessels.
    Faced with a strong wind from the N. E. and being low in provisions, Capt. MURRAY decided to enter St. Mary's Road, Scilly on Friday 7th. and in the evening, as the wind increased to a gale, her cables parted and she drifted onto a shelf of rocks known as Southern Wells near the island of Sampson.
    The rest of the vessels rode out the storm in safety.
  • All her people were saved except for Quartermaster Richard KING who went overboard in the act of sounding.
    The islanders used cutters and open boats and by Tuesday everyone had been taken off, the sick and wounded from the Battle of the Nile first.
    The following night the ship fell on her side.
    Passengers included Capt. PEYTON of DEFENCE and a Mr Harcourt with the remains of the late Ad. SHULDHAM who had died in Lisbon at an advanced age.
  • On 29 December the gun-brig FEARLESS, Lieut. MANDERSON, sailed from Plymouth with two transports to bring away the stores saved from COLOSSUS.

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