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COLIBRI (16) Taken from the French in the West Indies by Capt. HAWKER in MELAMPUS on 16 January 1809.
Wrecked in 1813.

  • 1812 John THOMSON, Halifax.
    He was 35 miles east of Cape Sable on the 26 July 1812 when he saw two ships to the northward apparently steering a course for Halifax, and a schooner to the south east. He gave chase to the schooner but soon found that she was the BREAM so he changed course to the north and found that the two vessels were an American privateer and her prize. COLIBRI closed and came alongside and, after an action lasting a quarter of an hour, the enemy called for quarter.She was the ship CATHERINE from Boston, mounting fourteen long 6-pounders and with a complement of 88 men commanded by Francis A. Burnham. Her men had run below during the fight so they lost only one man killed and one wounded. The barque with her was her only prize in the eight days she had been out.
  • COLIBRI was wrecked at Port Royal, Jamaica on the 22 August 1813.

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