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COLCHESTER (50) 4th rate Built in 1746, Southampton.
Broken up in 1773.

  • 1746 Capt. Lucius O'BRIEN.
  • 1756 Capt. Lucius O'BRIEN, who was appointed to her again when war recommenced with France. On 17 May, having LYME (20), Capt. Edward VERNON, in company, was, under the orders of Ad. BOSCAWEN, cruising off Brittany when they encountered a French ship and a frigate escorting a convoy. The ships and the frigates paired off and fought a severe action for seven hours before parting by mutual consent. Capt. O; BRIAN told his first lieutenant-
  • "You sir, as next to me in command, must take charge of the ship in case I should be killed in action, or so wounded as to be obliged to quit the deck. My positive orders are, that you never suffer the colours to be struck, while there remains a possibility of keeping the ship above water."
  • A Letter from Plymouth Dock dated Friday May 28th.
  • "This morning the Lieutenant of the Colchester came to Admiral Mostyn from Falmouth, with Advice, that she was safe in that Port, and brought in with great Difficulty; where the Admiral and commissioners immediately ordered six Gangs of Shipwrights to go down to Falmouth, to fit her so as to bring her hither with safety, and to have a proper Repair.
  • "After fighting four Hours, the Frenchmen fired red-hot Shot on board of her, which set her on Fire. The Engagement was off Belleisle, and made the French fire their Alarm Gun on shore, and ring their Alarm Bells."
  • In 1757 he accompanied Commodore Stevens on his way to India, as far as St. Helena, returning to England with a convoy.
  • 1759 Capt. Robert RODDAM, employed on the Channel service until 1762, when COLCHESTER was found to be unfit for further service.

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