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COBOURG (16) Hired cutter Hired cutter which was later rigged as a brig, with a complement of 600men.
  • 1798 Lieut. Terence O'NEILL, who was appointed by Lord SPENCER on 30 April 1798.
    He captured the Dutch privateer FLUSHINGER on 1 February 1799. COBOURG frequently visited the Texel with messages from the Commander in Chief and earned the respect of the Dutch authorities.
    In the autumn of 1799 an agreement allowed the fishermen of the two hostile powers, England and Holland, to continue with their occupation within certain limits.
    In March 1800 Lieut. O'NEILL was ordered by Lord DUNCAN to investigate an infraction of the agreement.
    A British fisherman had complained that he had been chased by a Dutch privateer so the lieutenant wrote to the Dutch Admiral De Winter on 25 March for an explanation. The admiral replied that the offence was committed by a French privateer.
  • On 25 April 1800 Lieut. O'NEILL was appointed to the TROMP as master and commander.
  • 1800 Lieut. WRIGHT, North Sea.
    At nine o'clock in the evening of 2 March 1801 he captured the French privateer lugger BIENVENU a few miles off the land. She was armed with 14 carriage guns and two days out of Calais.
    He also retook two of her prizes.

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