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CHATHAM (50) 4th rate Built in 1758, Portsmouth DY.
Broken up as TILBURY in 1814.

  • 1759 On 18 May CHATHAM, VENUS and THAMES captured the French ARETHUSE (36).
  • 1761 Capt. Thomas LYNN, with Rear Ad. CORNISH in the East Indies.
    CORNISH took his four ships into Bombay for a refit and then went southward in the hope of meeting reinforcements from England, shortage of supplies forced him to return to Madras but CHATHAM, always a poor sailor, was unable to keep up, and went to the Cape of Good Hope with YORK.
    Here TERPSICHORE told them that the expedition had been cancelled.
  • 1776 Capt. John RAYNOR, Flagship of Vice Adm. SHULDHAM, moored off Yard at Halifax in May.
    By the beginning of July she was moored off the Watering Place on Staten Island, New York bearing N. N.E. 1/2 E distance 5 miles.
  • 1776 Capt. Toby CAULFIELD, with Sir Peter PARKER acting as commodore of a squadron of five 50-gun ships, the others being PRESTON, CENTURION, RENOWN and EXPERIMENT, and some smaller ships with 7,000 troops, which sailed from New York on 1 December and landed at Newport, a popular base for privateers, on the 8th. to occupy Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay. It was retained for the next three years.
  • By January 1777 under Capt. CAULFEILD and Commodore Sir Peter PARKER she was stationed on the New England coast.
  • 1779 Capt. William ALLEN.
    On 20 November CHATHAM and HUSSAR, convoying the trade from Lisbon fell in with a large Spanish ship. HUSSAR came up with her the next morning and forced her to strike. She was the N. S. DEL BUEN CONFESO, pieced for 64 guns but mounting twelve, from Lima for Cadiz. Although she had landed some of of her treasure at Fyal she still proved a rich prize.
  • 1781 Capt. Andrew Sape DOUGLAS.
    On 20 March CHATHAM was part of a force which convoyed 2,000 troops from New York to the Chesapeake and the James River. After a long chase on 2 September CHATHAM overtook the French frigate MAGICIENNE (32) which was sailing from Boston to Portsmouth N. H. Although the frigate was completely outclassed she exchanged broadsides with CHATHAM for 30 minutes before striking with the loss of 32 killed and 86 wounded. By contrast CHATHAM had 2 men killed and 4 wounded.
  • Capt. John LOCKHART, with Rear Ad. RODNEY's squadron which attacked Le Havre on 3 July do destroy French invasion preparations and with HAWKE in the action in Quiberon Bay on 20 November.
  • 1793 Harbour service.
  • 1805 Powder Hulk.
  • Renamed TILBURY in 1810.
  • Broken up at Chatham in 1814.

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