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CHALLENGER (28) Built in 1826, Portsmouth.
Wrecked in 1835.

    Designed on new principles devised by Capt. John HAYES, who also designed ARROW (1823), CHAMPION (1824) and WOLF (1826).
    An officer of CHALLENGER wrote on 28 April 1827
    "The CHALLENGER is the finest vessel I ever saw; excellent quarters, the best accommodation, and very good quality. We carry our ports 5ft. 7in. out of the water; stow four months provisions under hatches; 27 tons of water in tanks and 30 in casks.
    Our rate of sailing is as follows: On a wind, under all sail, light breeze, eight and nine miles an hour; with top-gallant sails, more wind, nine and ten miles an hour; off the wind with the above sail, from eleven to thirteen miles an hour.She sits like a duck on the water, never wets her main-deck and is a most excellent sea-boat.
    To day we started with the SAPPHIRE (28), and distanced her completely."

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