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CHALLENGER (18) Built in 1813, Redbridge (Cruizer class).
Mooring vessel in 1820.

  • 1813 Fred. VERNON, Channel fleet.
    In 1813 she was operating off the north coast of Spain conjunction with Wellington's army. She took part in the demonstration off San Sebastian on 1 September to distract the French during an assault on a breach and was employed off the Bidasson during the final attack and fall of that place. On 6 October 1813 Capt. VERNON was ordered to the mouth of the river Bidasoa to intercept any French and American vessels from St. Jean de Luz which might try to interfere with Wellington fording the river. A particular worry was the French corvette FLIBUSTIER which was destroyed a week later by the schooner TELEGRAPH off the Adour. She took part in another demonstration, along with VESUVIUS, SPARROW and RACER, off the harbour of St Jean de Luz while Wellington attacked the enemy's line on 10 November.
  • 1815 Henry FORBES, Chatham.
  • 1816 to the East Indies with mail.In April 1816 she arrived at Madras with 600,000 dollars on board for the Government of Bengal and a great amount of treasure for the merchants of Calcutta. Because Capt. FORBES was detained to sit as a member of a court martial on Captain Robert O'BRIAN (*) the treasure was transferred to CAMELEON, John M. A. LOW, for delivery to its destination.
  • 1817 Philip BRIDGES, 11/1816, East Indies until he transferred to TRINCOMALEE in 1818.

    (*) The court-martial assembled on board CORNWALLIS in Madras Roads on 6 April 1816 when Henry WEIR, THAIS; Joseph PRIOR ACORN; Charles SHAW, TERMAGANT, Joseph ALLEN, TYNE and Henry FORBES, CHALLENGER, heard Captain O'BRIAN charged with having assumed, on the death of Rear-Admiral Burlton and in the absence of Captain SAYER, his senior officer, in a distant part of the station, the title of Temporary Commodore, East Indies and carrying a broad pennant. With having sent home mutineers from CORNWALLIS without authority and with ordering CAMELEON to be commissioned while building and appointing a lieutenant to be her commander.
    The court found the charges proved and sentenced O'BRIAN to be dismissed the service. He was reinstated in March 1817.

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