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CEYLON (38) Formerly an East Indiaman named BOMBAY. Renamed 1808.
Sold in 1857.

    She mounted twenty four long 18-pounders, two nines and fourteen 24-pounder carronades and had a complement of 235 officers, men and boys.
  • 1810 Capt. Charles GORDON, Indian Ocean.
    Following orders from Rear Ad. DRURY, CEYLON sailed from Madras for Reunion and reconnoitred the Harbour of Port Louis in Mauritius on 17 September expecting to find a blockading squadron there.
    He found no British ships but sighted a French force of seven frigates and a corvette in the harbour.
    CEYLON bore up for Reunion at noon and two hours later two French ships left harbour in pursuit.
    A large French frigate came alongside about midnight but fell back after an engagement lasting just over an hour.
    Capt. GORDON lost no time in repairing his rigging and made sail to try and reach Reunion but soon the enemy brought up two ships so he had to renew the action. He had the satisfaction of seeing the mizzen and three top-masts of an enemy go by the board but a few minutes afterwards CEYLON's fore and main-top-masts fell and she was rendered unmanageable. The two enemy ships then took up raking positions while CEYLON could only bring a few quarter guns to bear. To prevent further loss of blood Capt. GORDON was under the painful necessity of signalling by light that he had struck. The enemy ships were VENUS (44) and VICTOR (16).
  • CEYLON was 47 short of complement but had embarked 100 soldiers of the 69th. regiment, part of which acted as marines under Capt. Ross, with Major Gen. Abercromby and his staff. She had about 295 on board at the commencement of the action. She lost 6 seamen and 4 soldiers killed and there were 31 wounded including Capt. GORDON and the Boatswain, Mr GRAHAM.
  • CEYLON was retaken during the course of the same day by OTTER and BOADICEA and taken into St. Paul's, Reunion.

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