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CENTURION (60) Built in 1732, Portsmouth.
Broken up in 1769.

  • 1740 Commodore George ANSON.
    With GLOUCESTER (50), SEVERN (50), PEARL (40), WAGER (28), the sloop TRYAL and two storeships, ANNA and INDUSTRY, he was sent on an expedition into the Pacific, leaving St. Helen's on 18 September.
    PEARL and SEVERN returned home in March 1741. In spite of very high mortality CENTURION, GLOUCESTER and TRYAL captured a number of prizes off the coasts of Chile and Peru and plundered the town of Payta.
    On 27 August 1742 CENTURION reached Tinian, and in November, Macao.
    On 23 April 1743 he set out to make an attempt to find the Manilla galleon. She was sighted on 20 June and after a short action captured the N. S. de CABADONGA (56) with a small fortune in specie, silver and merchandise.
    The prize was sold in Macao and CENTURION returned to Spithead on 15 June 1744.
  • 1747 Capt. Peter DENIS, With Vice Ad. George ANSON's squadron in an action with the combined French squadrons of M. de St. George and M. de la Jonquiere off Cape Finisterre on 3 May. ANSON had sailed on 9 April, the two French squadrons were bound for Coromandel and Cape Breton but had sailed together on 29 April.
  • 1754 Capt. Augustus KEPPEL.
    CENTURION and NORWICH escorted troops under General Braddock to assist American colonists fight French attacks
  • 1755 CENTURION led a small squadron to Algiers to persuade or compel the Dey to restrain the activities of his cruisers. She paid off in July.
  • 1759 Capt. William MANTELL, with Vice Ad. SAUNDERS' fleet used on the expedition to capture Quebec.
  • 1762 Capt. James GALBRAITH, Jamaica.
    With the fleet under Sir James POCOCK which took part in the reduction of Havana in June. POCOCK took his huge fleet from off Cape St. Nicolas through the Old Bahama Channel, sending Commodore Sir James DOUGLAS in CENTURION to Jamaica for stores.

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