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CENTAUR (74) Built in 1759. Taken at Lagos.
Lost in 1782.

  • 1760-1761 Capt. Arthur FORREST, She gave chase to two French ships off Cape Finisterre.
    The VALIANT (64), and AMETHYST (32) thought she was still French and escaped in the dark when they realised.
  • 1762 Jamaica.
    On 5 June she captured the STE. ANNE (40), a merchantman. Purchased for the Royal Navy as a 64.
  • Capt. FORREST was senior officer on station between death of Rear Ad. HOLMES on 21 November and arrival of Sir James DOUGLAS.
  • 1762 Capt. Thomas LEMPRIERE, Jamaica. She joined POCOCK at Havana after the siege had started.
    Acted as part of the escort when Rear Ad. KEPPEL sent the prizes back to England.
  • 1778 Capt. Phillips COSBY, with Ad. KEPPEL'S fleet at the action off Ushant on 27 July 1778.
  • 1781 Capt. John Neale NOTT, with Rear Ad. Sir Samuel HOOD's fleet in his action with de Grasse off Martinique on 29 April. CENTAUR suffered much damage to her hull and Capt. NOTT was among the 36 killed on the British side.
  • Capt. John Nicholson INGLEFIELD took over command and was with Rear Ad. GRAVES in his action with de Grasse off the Chesapeake on 5 September, the action between HOOD and de Grasse off St. Kitts on 25 January 1782 and RODNEY and de Grasse at the Saintes on 12 April 1782.
  • CENTAUR was among those ships which foundered during a severe gale off the Newfoundland Banks whilst escorting prizes from Jamaica back to England during September 1782. Capt. INGLEFIELD, with eleven others, left her in a pinnace and reached the Azores after 16 days.

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