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CASTOR (32) 5th rate Built in 1785, Harwich.
In French hands for nearly a month in May 1794.
Rebuilt in 1794.
Sold in 1819.

  • 1793 Capt. Thomas TROUBRIDGE.
    She was captured off Cape Clear on 9 May 1794 by Ad. Nielly's squadron and recaptured on the 29th. near the Lizard by Capt. LAFOREY in CARYSFORT.
  • 1795 Capt. Rowley BULTEEL.
  • 1798 Capt. E. L. GOWER, 12/1798, Spithead.
    On 22 March 1799 a midshipman of CASTOR was badly wounded by the explosion of a priming horn. He was taken to the Royal Naval Hospital with a dreadfully scorched face and and mutilated hands. Castor sailed on a cruise on the 24th.
  • CASTOR sailed to relieve CONCORDE, cruising off Havre de Grace, on 28 February 1800.
    On 10 September CASTOR passed up the Channel with the Oporto fleet.She sailed from the Tagus on 21 November with eight vessels bound to Oporto and five to England. She left the former off the bar on the 25th. with a fair wind and tide for entering harbour while she captured the Spanish privateer SANTO LEVIRATA Y ANIMAS of 2 guns and 38 men.
    On 2 May a court martial was held on board GLADIATOR at Portsmouth to try John M'KENNY, a seamen belonging to CASTOR, for striking the boatswain's mate. He was acquitted when the charge was not proved.
  • 1801 Capt. HALE, 03/1801, for the West Indies.
    He died there at the end of the year.
  • 1803 Capt. PEACOCKE. She arrived with Commodore STOPFORD at Portsmouth from Antigua on 7 March 1803.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Portsmouth.
    Capt. Edward BRACE was appointed to her in the autumn and she sailed from Portsmouth on 17 October to lie as guardship at Liverpool.
  • 1805 Sheerness.
  • 1808 Fitting out at Sheerness
  • 1809 Capt. ROBERTS.
    In April 1809 a French squadron of the three ships-of-the-line and two frigates, sent to relieve Martinique, was at anchor in the Saints.
    At 5 PM on the 14th. Capt. FAHIE in POMPEE, with CASTOR and NEPTUNE in company, was signalled by the small ships inshore that the French had put to sea. Shortly afterwards three large ships were seen coming down under all sail and POMPEE tried unsuccessfully to stop the sternmost by discharging two broadsides. RECRUIT maintained contact with the French ships and at half past three the next morning CASTOR got within shot of the enemy and they exchanged fire while POMPEE came up. By the time the enemy surrendered she and POMPEE were complete wrecks. The prize was LE D‘HAUTPOULT (74) brand new when she sailed from L'Orient in February 1808. Between 80 and 90 of her crew were killed or wounded out of 680. CASTOR lost Mr Samuel CROSS, mate, killed and five seamen and one marine wounded.
  • In December 1809 two French frigates which, with two others, had captured and burnt JUNON, took refuge under batteries at Anse la Barque about 3 leagues N. W. of the town of Basse Terre, Guadeloupe. SCEPTRE, BLONDE, THETIS, FEIJA, CASTOR, CYGNET, HAZARD and RINGDOVE assembled to attack them on the 18th. The enemy 44-gun frigates LA LOIRE and LA RENOMMEE were destroyed and the batteries demolished.
  • 1810 Capt. Charles DILKES,O from 10 October 1810 until July 1815.
    On 25 June 1813 her boats, under Lieuts. Bassett LOVELESS and Edwyn Francis STANHOPE, boarded and brought out the French privateer FORTUNE from under the protection of a fort on the coast of Catalonia.
    CASTOR lost four killed and nine wounded. Lieut. LOVELESS, in CASTOR's cutter, captured the privateer L‘HEUREUX (1), under the guns of Montjui on 15 January 1814. He lost an arm and one of his men was also severely wounded. Lieut. STANHOPE brought out the privateer LE MINUIT (1), on the 23 January.
  • In March 1815 she was in Bermuda.
    From the end of the year she remained out of commission at Portsmouth.

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