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CASTILIAN (18) Built in 1808, Sandwich (Cruizer class).
Broken up in 1829.

  • 1809 Robert TREM.
    He was promoted to post captain on 21/10/1810, the fifth anniversary of Trafalgar.
  • 1811 David BRAIMER, Spithead.
    On 20 September Napoleon visited his Boulogne flotilla. As a demonstration of French power seven praams, later joined by brigs and sloops, went out to attack HMS NAIAD. After two hours NAIAD weighed anchor and tried to get to windward of part of the enemy flotilla but they retreated under the batteries. The following day the seven praams and 15 other vessels resumed the attack but this time NAIAD was supported by CASTILIAN, RINALDO, REDPOLE and the cutter VIPER. They all kept on the larboard tack gradually drawing off shore to induce the enemy away from the protection of their batteries.
    At the moment the French Rear-Admiral Baste tacked towards the shore the Royal Naval squadron bore up together and stood towards the enemy, not replying to their fire until they were within pistol-shot. One praam, LA VILLE DE LYON, with twelve long 24 pounders and 112 men, was captured, and the others, much damaged, driven back to the shore. The 1st. lieutenant of CASTILIAN, Charles COBB, was killed and landman John COLLETT was wounded.
  • 1812 Ditto, Downs.
    On the afternoon of 3 May 1812 CASTILIAN telegraphed BERMUDA at Dungerness with the news that APPELLES and SKYLARK had run ashore and been captured near Boulogne. APPELLES had been got off and the French were running her along the shore when, the following morning, the two sloops drove her ashore with a few broadsides about 3 miles to the eastwards of Etaples. PHIPPS (14) and RINALDO (10) joined and the boats of the small squadron went in under fire, got APPELLESS float and brought her out. SKYLARK was completely destroyed some distance to the eastwards. The crews of both vessels escaped in their boats except for Capt. HOFFMAN of APPELLES and 19 of his people.
  • 1814-15 ditto, Cork Station.
    On 1 Sept. 1814 she came to the rescue of AVON after she had been damaged by the American WASP and rescued her crew just before she sank.
  • 1816-29 Deptford.

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