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CAROLINE (14) Gun-brig The French L'AFFRONTEUR taken by Capt. PEARSON in DORIS off Ushant on 18 May 1803.
Hired as CAROLINE.
Broken up in 1806.

  • 1804 Lieut. J. DERBY, Plymouth.
    She went out into the Sound on Sunday 16 December 1804 to escort a convoy to Milford Haven. They encountered a severe gale from the E. N.E. during the night of the 18th. but, "being a tight, well-found vessel she did not strain a spun-yarn."
    She returned on 5 January having convoyed up to Plymouth a large South Sea whaler which was leaking badly. They overshot the port and went into Dartmouth. She sailed from Plymouth again on 19 January 1805 in a violent gale from the S. S.E. which was making a heavy sea in the Sound. She successfully rode out the gale, by then described as a hurricane, on a passage to Falmouth and then cruised to the westward.

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