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CARLOTTA (14) Brig Taken in 1810.
Broken up in 1815.

    She does not appear in Steele's List and the reference is taken from the court martial report.
  • CARLOTTA detained a settee, ST. VITTORIA on the 13 October 1812 and a prize crew consisting of Midshipman Hugh Stewart MORRIS with two seamen, Francis BAYNSON and Francois RICHIE was put on board.
    His orders were to accompany CARLOTTA to Malta but he parted company on the 19th. and went first to Port St. Vito and then to Palermo where he sold part of the cargo. Twenty days later he sailed from Palermo and anchored off Cephalu where he landed the rest of the cargo, scuttled the vessel and sold the wreck for 373 oz of gold to a man named Fellipo. He divided the money with the other two and they proceeded to Messina where they were captured and sent to Malta.
    They were tried on board HIBERNIA at Port Mahon on the 8 and 9 April 1813.
    MORRIS was sentenced to two years solitary confinement, BAYNSON to 200 lashes and RITCHIE, who was an impressed Frenchman, to be disposed of as a prisoner of war.

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