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CANTERBURY (60) Built in 1693, Deptford.
Broken up in 1741.

  • 1718 Capt. George WALTON.
    With Ad. Sir George BYNG's fleet of 20 sail-of-the-line which sailed from Spithead on 3 June for the Mediterranean where a Spanish naval force and an army had been sent to attack Sicily. BYNG's ships anchored off Naples on 21 July and on 30 July sailed through the Straits of Messina and gave chase to the Spanish fleet. By the following morning they had gained on them and CANTERBURY was sent, with ARGYLE and six others, to cut off some of the smaller Spanish vessels trying to get inshore. ARGYLE was fired on.
    Capt. WALTON sent a laconic letter to the Admiral:
    We have taken and destroyed all the Spanish ships and vessels which were upon the coast, the number as per margin.
    I am &c.
    G. WALTON, CANTERBURY off Syracuse
    August 16, 1718.

    Taken, one of 60 guns commanded by Rear Ad. Mair, one of 54, one of 40, and one of 24 guns, with a bomb vessel and a ship laden with arms.
    Burnt, four men of war, one of 54 guns, two of 40, and one of 30 guns, together with a fireship and a bomb vessel.

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