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CANADA (74) Built in 1766, Woolwich.
Broken up in 1834.

  • 1781 Capt. George COLLIER, with Ad.DARBY off the coast of Spain.
    On 1 May she was off on a scouting expedition when she sighted a Spanish frigate, STA.
    LEOCADIA (34), and a sloop threatening some British merchantmen.
    All day she chased the frigate which was unable to escape in the bright moonlight during the following night, until, in an action at pistol shot range, in heavy seas, the Spanish ship was forced to strike after about three quarters of an hour.
    The prize was purchased into the Royal Navy.
  • In August the crews of CANADA and LION refused to take a convoy to the West Indies until they received the pay they had been owed for a year.
    They sailed after getting six month's pay.
  • 1782 Capt. William CORNWALLIS, West Indies.
    With Rear Ad. Sir Thomas HOOD's fleet in action with de Grasse at St. Kitts on 25 and 26 January.
    HOOD placed his ships in an L shaped line occupying the anchorage close to the shore recently quitted by the French.
    The depth dropped abruptly a short distance offshore so the enemy ships were unable to anchor near him.
    The French attempted to break HOOD's line through a gap astern of CANADA, but COLLINGWOOD, 4th. from the rear, put everything aback and closed the gap on PRUDENTE following him, RESOLUTION and BEDFORD ahead did the same thing.
    These four ships bore the brunt of the first attack.
    The following day The next day French made two attempts to round the British van but came under concentrated fire.
    Although HOOD was in a solid position, he could do nothing to relieve the British garrison on the island which capitulated on 13 February.
  • On 12 April she was with Ad. Sir George RODNEY's fleet in the Battle of the Saintes.
  • She returned to England as escort to a large convoy of 180 merchantmen and prizes captured on 12 April, which sailed from Jamaica at the end of July.
    In September the fleet and the convoy were hit by a tremendous gale off the Newfoundland Banks and most were damaged, some foundered.
    CANADA lost her mizzen mast and was only kept afloat by her pumps.
  • 1793 Capt. Charles Powell HAMILTON.
    In November 1794 ALEXANDER and CANADA, which had been escorting merchantmen as far as the western approaches, were chased by a French squadron.
    They separated to confuse but then tried to rejoin for mutual support.
    ALEXANDER was captured but CANADA escaped.
  • 1795 Capt. G BOWEN, 08/1795, Rear Ad. Sir R CURTIS hoisted his flag in her in September.
  • 1797 Capt. T TWYSDEN, 09/1797.
    Capt. Sir John Borlase WARREN, 11/1797.
    On 16 September 1798 M. Bombart sailed from Brest on his expedition to invade Ireland.
    He was sighted by three frigates which kept watch until Commodore WARREN, who had sailed from Cawsand Bay on 23 September, could catch up with the French.
    In the subsequent fight four prizes, HOCHE, Bompart's flagship, EMBUSCADE, COQUILLE and BELLONE, were taken.
    CANADA, had one man mortally wounded.
    CANADA, FOUDROYANT and MELAMPUS chased after the five French frigates which escaped.
  • On 22 March 1798 CANADA, ANSON and PHAETON chased the CHARENTE (36) which was taking French political prisoners to Cayenne.
    CHARENTE ran for the Gironde and the following day both she and CANADA went aground.
    The French got off by throwing their guns overboard and escaped up river.
    CANADA got off when the tide turned.
  • 1799 Capt. Hon. Michael DE COURCY, 04/1799.
    On 7 July Lord KEITH was joined at Minorca by 12 ships, including CANADA, detached to him from the Channel Fleet.
    On the 10th. he went off in pursuit of the Franco-Spanish fleet which passed Gibraltar on 7 July, twenty-two days after KEITH reached there.
    He nearly caught them up, arriving off Brest the day after the allied fleet moored in the harbour on 13 August.
  • 1800 With Lord ST. VINCENT off Brest.
    CANADA was part of a squadron detached to co-operate with French Royalists in the Morbihan.
  • 1801 Capt. J. S.YORKE, Channel.
  • Capt. 1805 Capt. John HARVEY, fitting out at Portsmouth in the autumn for the Leeward Is.
    In the Downs at the end of 1800.
  • 1808 Out of commission at Chatham.
  • 1810 Prison Ship.
    Broken up at

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