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CAMBRIDGE (80) Built in 1715, Woolwich (? rebuild of the 1695 ship).
Broken up in 1750.

  • 1744 Capt. Charles DRUMMOND, with Vice Ad. LESTOCK's rear division of Ad. MATHEWS' fleet at the Battle off Toulon in February 1744.
    LESTOCK was 5 miles astern when the action was joined with the Franco-Spanish fleet, and proved at his court martial that calms and baffling light airs prevented him catching up. MATHEW's flagship NAMUR (90), arrived abreast of the REAL FELIPE (114), at one hour after noon then other ships, in disregard of the admiral's signal for line of battle, bore up and engaged the enemy. NAMUR and MARLBOROUGH soon reduced the REAL FELIPE to a wreck, but she did not surrender and no fresh ship was sent to engage her.
    MATHEWS was dismissed and several captains faced court martial.

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