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CALYPSO (18) Built in 1802, Deptford (Cruizer class).
Broken up in 1831.

  • 1805 Matthew FORSTER, 02/1805, Downs.
    He received a dangerous wound in the shoulder in the big attack on an enemy flotilla off Cap Gris Nez on 18 July and reluctantly had to give up command of CALYSO.
    (He recovered to be appointed to MAJESTIC in 1808 but he had to wait until 1814 before he was granted a wound pension of 250 pounds. He died in January 1824, a month before his 59th. birthday.)
  • 1805 Matthew Martin BRADBY, off Dieppe.
  • 1807 Ditto, Downs.
  • 1808 Ditto, cruising. He was posted in June 1810.
  • 1810 Henry WEIR, 06/1810, Nore. He was promoted out of ALBION.
    On the 14 June 1811 he captured a Danish privateer of ten guns off the coast of Jutland and destroyed another.
  • On the evening of 6 July 1812 DICTATOR (64), CALYPSO, PODARGUS, and FLAMER sighted a Danish squadron behind rocks at Mardoe on the coast of Norway. DICTATOR and CALYPSO sailed in along a 12 mile mile channel to engage them. The 40-gun NAYADEN was destroyed and one 20-gun and two 18-gun vessels were taken. PODARGUS went aground at the entrance and FLAMER was left to assist her (See PODARGUS for details of action) Lieut. HOOPER of CALYPSO was placed in charge of the KIEL prize but had to abandon her as a wreck (as were the other prizes) when they were attacked by gunboats. He could not burn her because of the number of Danish wounded aboard. CALYPSO had 3 men killed, marines John WARD and James BLAKE, and seaman William TODMAN who died of his wounds. Seaman Nept. MUSSARED was severely wounded.
    CALYPSO returned to Yarmouth and Cdr. WEIR reported to the Admiralty that he had spoken to NIMBLE on the 13th.
    The cutter had been sent to reconnoitre the enemy's position in Norway and, after the action on the 7th., could find only two vessels with 18 guns and two with 16 guns, all four lying at Christiansand, although there were still plenty of gunboats.
  • Cdr. WEIR was posted on 22 July for his part in the action and medals were distributed to the survivors in 1849.
  • 1814 Thomas GROUBE, 29/07/1812, Baltic.
  • 1815 C. H. REID, 06/1814, to Lisbon for Gibraltar.
  • 1816 Mediterranean.
  • 1817 Portsmouth.
  • 1818 Chatham.

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