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CALYPSO (16) Built in 1783, Deptford.
Lost in 1803.

  • 1796 Andrew SMITH (later Rear. Ad.) 1797 Capt. WORSLEY.
    Even after the collapse of the great mutiny at the Nore, there were outbreaks on other ships including CALYPSO.
  • 1798 W. COLLIS, Plymouth.
  • 1799 Henry GARRETT, 04/1799, Plymouth.
  • 1799 Joseph BAKER, 09/1799, Plymouth.
    CRESCENT and CALYPSO escorted a convoy to from Cork Jamaica which was attacked on 15 November 1799 by three Spanish ships (a line-of-battle ship, a frigate and a corvette) off the Mona Passage. The two British warships covered the scattering of the convoy and succeeded in capturing one of the Spaniards, the GALGO (16), which was taken into the Royal Navy. CALYPSO arrived safely in Port Royal harbour with part of the convoy on 21 November, CRESCENT came in two days later with the rest. The only ship lost was the storeship GENERAL GODDARD. (The other two enemy ships were LíASIE (64), and LíAMPHITRITE (44).)
  • On the 12 April 1800 Capt. BAKER sent the master, Mr William BUCKLEY in a six-oared cutter with ten men to cruise off Cape Tiberon, which lay some 15 miles to the north west, to intercept small craft which generally kept within a mile of the shore. The cutter was armed with a swivel in the bow. They sighted a schooner becalmed on the evening of the 13th. and when they pulled towards her they were met by a discharge of musketry. They boarded and took her after a short fight on the schooner's deck and found her to be the DILIGENCE of 70 tons, mounting six carriage guns and laden with coffee. Seven of her crew of 39 men were dangerously wounded. Only one man was wounded in CALYPSO's boat's crew.
  • 1800 W. SYME, Jamaica.
  • 1803 W. VERNOUR, Jamaica.
    On 30 July 1803 CALYPSO was run down in a violent hurricane by a heavily laden West Indiaman, one of the convoy she and GOLIATH were escorting from Jamaica, and sunk with the loss of all the crew. 21 of the convoy were dismasted.

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