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BULLDOG Built in 1782, Dover.
Bomb in 1798.

  • 1793 G. HOPE.
  • 1794 E. BROWNE.
  • 1795 C. S. DAVERS.
  • 1796 H. G. FOWNES, 01/1796. G. F. RYVES, 05/1796.
  • 1798 A. DRUMMOND. Gibraltar. March 1799, Palermo.
    On the evening of 12 August 1799, shortly after leaving Port Mahon for Gibraltar, NELSON fell in with BULLDOG. On board was Sir Edward BERRY who brought him letters discrediting an account of French ships being off the coast of Portugal.
  • 1799 Barrington DACRES, Gibraltar.
    She was taken by the French at Ancona on 27 February 1801.
  • In May Capt. ROGERS of the frigate MERCURY had a go at bringing her out using her boats under the 1st.
    Lieut. William MATHER.
    They got alongside without being detected and BULLDOG was towed away from the mole under musket and cannon fire.
    The sails were set and in less than an hour she was out of range but then the wind died and she drifted back towards the shore where gun boats where waiting to attack.
    MATHER made several unsuccessful attempts to burn her but eventually had to abandon his prize.
    The British lost 2 killed and 4 wounded and the French losses were more than 20.
  • BULLDOG sailed from Ancona on the 25 August with several trabaccolos laden with cannon, powder and shot and MERCURY and CHAMPION went in pursuit of them. As they rounded the Capo S. Maria di Leuca and entered the Gulf of Taranto on 15 September they saw the 5th. rate SANTA DOROTEA in chase of the enemy but at a great distance to windward. MERCURY and CHAMPION continued beating to windward all night and at daylight CHAMPION made the signal for seeing them to leeward close in to Gallipoli and anchoring under the guns of the garrison. Lord William STUART in CHAMPION ran in under BULLDOG's stern and returned the enemy fire so warmly that soon BULLDOG hauled down her colours. Her cable was cut and she was soon out of range of the batteries. MERCURY dropped a boat and managed to bring out one of the trabaccolos at the same time.
  • 1801 Capt. MANSEL, Mediterranean. She returned to Portsmouth on 22 April 1802.
  • 1803 Portsmouth, where she was used as a powder magazine from 1807.

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