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BRITOMART (10) Built in 1808, Deptford (Cherokee class).
Sold in 1819.

  • 1808 William Buckley HUNT, 09/1808, Deptford.
  • 1811 Ditto, North Sea.
    Off Heligoland on 16 July 1812 BRITOMART, OSPREY (18) and LEVERET (10) encountered the French privateer lugger, EOLE, some 25 miles N. W. of the island. They each launched a boat to pursue her and after a long chase Lieut. William Henry DIXON in BRITOMART's cutter grappled and boarded over the port quarter and Lieut. William MALONE of OSPREY over the starboard quarter. Lieut. ROMNEY of LEVERET was obliged to drop astern and was unable to board. Because of the spirited defence by the enemy it took ten minutes reach the deck and another ten minutes before the French called for quarter.
    The privateer only mounted six guns although pierced for 14. She belonged to Dunkirk but Capt. Dubost, with his complement of 31 officers and men, was on this voyage only one day out from Schiermonnkoog. She was taken into Yarmouth on the 21st.
    BRITOMART lost one man, ordinary seaman Peter BREWER, killed and five wounded, Lieut. DIXON, ordinary seaman Ralph CRUMP, able sea man John SMITH, landman Luke M'CARTY and private William COMP. OSPREY had one man killed and seven wounded.
  • 1814 Robert RIDDLE, Downs.
  • 1815 Ditto, Cork.
  • 1816 Ditto, Spithead.
  • 1817 Hon. G. H. PERCIVAL, 11/1816, Plymouth.
  • 1818 Bernard YEOMAN, from September until 5 December when he moved to WOLF.

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