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BRAZEN (18) The French privateer L'INVINCIBLE GENERAL BUONAPARTE taken in April 1799.
Lost in 1800.

  • 1799 Capt. J. HANSON. Channel. Capt. HANSON was the first lieutenant of the armed armed tender CHATHAM when she was under the command of Capt. VANCOUVER on his voyage of discovery.
    On the 24 January 1800 he took a prize off the Isle of Wight and sent her into Portsmouth with 7 men.
    Just after five o'clock the following morning BRAZEN was driven by a gale on to the Ave Rocks near Newhaven and was soon smashed to pieces by the waves. The wreck was not discovered until 7 o'clock in the morning and, because it was high water, those on shore were unable to help the people clinging to pieces of wreckage. The lieutenant and the purser were seen to strip and try to swim ashore but drowned after they had swum until they were exhausted.
    Only one man of the 120 crew was saved, seaman Jeremiah HILL, who had joined BRAZEN from CARYSFORT ten days previously. He had not gone to his hammock until four then, alarmed by the ship striking, he went on deck and helped to cut the weather shrouds to release the masts but the ship hove on to her side and smashed. He floated ashore clinging to a gun-slide and was pulled up the cliff.
    Many bodies were found along the coast, 29 were buried in a plot adjoining Newhaven church-yard. A reward was offered for the recovery of the body of the captain by his wife, who was in an advanced state of pregnancy. His arm was marked with an anchor picked out in gunpowder.

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