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BOXER Gun-brig Built in 1812, Redbridge.
Taken in 1813.

  • 1812 George Rose SARTORIOUS, 08/1812. He moved to AVON in July 1813.
  • 1813 Samuel BLYTH, Halifax. She served in the squadron under the command of Sir J. B. WARREN.
    On 6 June 1813 he captured two vessels bound for Eastport, the schooner TWO BROTHERS from Tanfield and the sloop FRIENDSHIP from Blackrock.
    He took the schooner FAIRPLAY on 25 July, the schooner REBECCA, bound for Boston from Townsend, on the 3 August and the schooner FORTUNE on 31 August.
    Five days later on 5 September BOXER was forced to surrender after half an hour's desperate fighting, to the superior force of the larger American brig ENTERPRISE which carried more guns and twice the number of men.
    Capt. BLYTH nailed his colours to the mast but did not live to see them struck.
    He was buried in America and the surviving officers placed a tombstone over his grave. He was 29 years old.

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