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BONETTA (18) Taken in 1797.
Lost in 1801.

  • 1799 Henry VANSITTART, Channel.
    At the end of the year BONETTA escorted the Lisbon bound convoy but only two of the fleet could get over the bar due to the high surf. The rest, under the protection of Capt. VANSITTART, were beating off and on the harbour for 50 days. Three Brazil vessels which attempted to cross the bar were wrecked and broken to pieces.
  • In June 1800 she destroyed the Spanish felucca N. S. DEL CARMEN in the West Indies.
  • 1801 Thomas NEW, West Indies.
    On 25 October 1801 she was wrecked on a shoal near the east end of the Jardines, Cuba, and, after she was bilged and overset, burnt to prevent her falling into enemy hands. All the crew were saved but they had to remain great distress on a small desolate island until rescued by the Spanish.
    At two courts-martial held on board CUMBERLAND in Port Royal on the 12 and 17 January 1802, Capt. NEW was acquitted of blame since he had followed a judicious course according to the charts. Mr GOARMAN, second lieutenant and officer of the watch, was found guilty of causing the loss of BONETTA by sleeping on watch and for disobeying Capt. NEW's orders. He was dismissed from the service for ever, lost all his pay and was imprisoned for two years in the Marshalsea.

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